Organization for Prevention,Rehabilitation and Integration of Female Street Children.
Organization for Prevention,Rehabilitation and Integration of Female Street Children.

The fastest way to change society is to mobilise the women of the world.

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to contribute to the national effort of the country to enable children enjoy social equality, economic freedom prevention, protection and rehabilitation from the consequence of social inequalities.

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" " My life has been changed in many aspects since i had the training provided by OPRIFS and became a great contributor to society in general and my family in particular " "

- oprifs suppoted

" Child Case Story I am called SB and I am 15 years old female girl. I was born in East or West Gojam. I am a grade 1 student my family passed away when I was little .then I grownup with my neighbor they treat me like their daughter until I knew about my identity. I straggle with my foster parents began then I meet my biological older brother. I was came Addis Ababa with my brother to start job and to educate myself at night time. Traumatic history When I come to organization (OPRIFS) I was assaulted by sexual. I used to work all the tasks like washing clothes, cooking food, cleaning the house and taking care of child. At night unfortunately my employer husbands get in my bed room and raped me. He threatened me “don’t tell it to anyone. After that I fear my surrounding environment, two days later my employer come back to home and observe my body movement and my emotion then she notice that something happened she asked me what happened then I told everything about that night when she hear she was nerves, immediately she said that “get out of my house I don’t want to see you here anymore.” I really shocked at that moment and leave the home with tears when I was at street someone asked me what is wrong with you then I told what happened at me then she taken me to the police station the officer refer me to OPRIFS Life in OPRIFS When I come to OPRIFS I was stressful and suspicious furthermore of this I feel helpless and hopeless. I don’t want to talk and play with anyone. After I gain individual counseling ,group counseling and life skill training .I relaxed ,I start communicate with my peers, Now I have hope on myself. I will gradually recover from my terrible situation by filling a shelter that helps the children with hygiene, clothing and education. I actively start participates in schedule min media program, hand craft education and also catch-up education. My legal issue is on process. Oprifs "

- SB